What We Do


From multi-unit affordable housing projects to luxury residential and major municipal structures, Great Falls Construction has a wide range of project experience and resources to offer. Whether you need a construction manager, general contractor or a design-build firm, we are just a call or email away from helping you in any capacity that best fits your current project’s needs.


Design-build is a method of project delivery in which Great Falls is your project’s single-source team. We work with you under a single contract to provide all design and construction services. Great Falls will be the only company you contract with for your project’s entirety. There are many benefits of the design-build method, most namely is single-source responsibility for your project from inception to completion. Great Falls Construction’s design-build team has successfully completed municipal buildings, schools, luxury residential homes and many other projects throughout Maine.

Choosing Great Falls as your design-build company will streamline your project delivery. Our design-build contract saves you money and time as we work closely with well-established industry partners to provide a superior project while saving a multitude of costs that can occur when choosing other building methods. Great Falls also assumes the majority of your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on the project rather than managing multiple differing contracts.

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The Great Falls team will plan, direct and coordinate all activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of your structures, facilities, and systems. We work with you during the conceptual development phase of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling, and implementation.

Developing a project requires a variety of professionals. The Great Falls team will free up your time by preparing contracts and negotiating revisions with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors. All necessary permits and licenses are obtained by our project management team. Great Falls will select, contract, and oversee workers who complete specific components of the project, such as painting, paving and plumbing.

Our team will work with you to evaluate the best construction methods and determine the cost-effectiveness of each plan. Great Falls also prepares budget estimates, cost tracking reports, and employs a host of quality control programs to ensure you get the most value out of each project.

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General contractors supervise part or all of numerous construction projects, such as commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Great Falls brings years of construction experience to all of our projects including an extensive team of highly qualified subcontractors. Whether you’re remodeling / renovating an existing structure, or building a new property, Great Falls has vast industry experience and knowledge in general contracting techniques and management to deliver on time and on budget results.

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Great Falls knows preconstruction is one of the most important phases of all building projects. Our preconstruction team provides a gathered assessment of the planning services completed before your construction project actually begins. In the preconstruction phase, Great Falls works with you to ensure a steady and expected transition from acquisition, leasing and planning to the commencement of building construction site.

Some of our preconstruction services include setting project timelines, budgeting, due diligence, site surveys, permit requirements and design services. Great Falls employs the best technologies and people to lower project costs while keeping your design and building goals at the forefront during the preconstruction phase.


Our team at Great Falls Construction utilizes current industry techniques and tools to provide accurate and achievable project estimates. We estimate costs for all resources that will be charged to the project such as labor, materials, equipment and services. Other items including the price of previous projects that are similar, access to the site, availability of water, electricity, and contingency costs also factor into the final estimate of a project.

We have a proven track record of meeting project budgets, costs, and timelines due to the skill and accuracy of our estimating team. Successful and sound estimating results in consistent client satisfaction and measurable company growth, two things Great Falls Construction always aims to achieve when taking on a new project.